Ovia currently provides tracking for the birth control pill (combination, extended cycle, or minipill) and the IUD. To configure your Ovia account to reflect that you are using birth control:

> tap “More” menu in the bottom bar

> select “Your profile”

> tap “Birth control method”

> select your birth control method and enter the information about your method as prompted.

Once you have configured your account to track birth control, you can expect to see the following additions to your Ovia app:

        On your health tracking page:

  • You will see a birth control category. For example, if you are tracking the birth control pill, you will see a count up that corresponds with where you are in the pack and when you took their daily pill. If you’re tracking an IUD, you’ll see the insertion date and monthly string tracking.  

        On your calendar page:

  • You will see icons that correspond to your birth control start date and tracking and a new category in the calendar summary. For example, if you’re tracking the birth control pill, you will see a category in the calendar summary for your pill type and calendar icons to indicate if you took your pill on schedule. If you’re tracking your IUD, you’ll see an IUD icon for your insertion date.

        On your home screen dashboard:

  • You will see days since last period and days until next period

You will still see fertile window predictions on your calendar for now. These predictions will be updated in an upcoming release!

Once you have added that you are on birth control, you can expect to no longer see the following information in your Ovia account:

  • On your “Home” dashboard: you will no longer see “fertility score” or “days until fertile window”

  • On your “Calendar” page: you will eventually no longer see fertile window predictions. Removal of the fertile window predictions is coming soon.