You may be wondering, “Am I pregnant?” Although you’ll need a pregnancy test and then a medical professional to confirm, there are some early symptoms of pregnancy that you can look for if you think you might have conceived. If you conceive, your hormones will be raging, and your fertilized egg will need to implant, so you might notice some of the following symptoms:
  • Abdominal discomfort: When your egg is fertilized, it will need to implant itself in your womb so it can grow into your beautiful baby! As a result, you might notice a bit of discomfort as the egg digs its way into its cozy condo
  • Spotting: When the egg implants into your uterus, you might notice some slight spotting, known as implantation bleeding. Some women confuse this spotting with an early period, so make sure you pay attention if you notice slight spotting in the 7-10 days after you ovulate
  • Breast tenderness/changes: Your hormone levels will be raised if you conceived, and with this elevation, you might notice some odd symptoms. Breast tenderness, swelling, and darkening of the nipples may be strange, but telling symptoms of early pregnancy
  • Elevated Body Temperature: Your basal body temperature will spike right after ovulation, and if you conceive, it will remain elevated when it would otherwise drop if your period is approaching

During the few weeks after they ovulate, but before their projected periods, many moms may they think they’re experiencing PMS symptoms, when they’re really early signs of pregnancy! Tracking your physical and emotional symptoms from cycle to cycle can clue you in about when you might be pregnant. Read more here.