Cervical fluid is the vaginal fluid produced by the cervix that helps transport sperm to the waiting egg in the fallopian tube. Cervical fluid can be dry or nonexistent at the beginning of the cycle, then usually becomes clear, stretchy, and thin during the fertile window before trending back to dry after ovulation. We label cervical fluid in the following ways:
  • None: “Nothing seen or felt,” is your least fertile cervical fluid
  • School Glue: “School glue” is also not fertile cervical fluid but it’s noticeable and present, with a thick, creamy, or tacky texture
  • Water: "Water" occurs closer to ovulation day and is water-like, clear, and wet
  • Egg Whites: “Egg whites” is the most fertile type of cervical fluid. It is clear and stretchy, sort of like egg whites, and its consistency and pH aids in sperm travel