Your body provides signals that you are ovulating. Entering your symptom and activity information into the Ovia Fertility app is an easy way to identify these signs and the days on which you’re fertile.

There are several signals or symptoms of ovulation that you and Ovia can look for:
  • Cervical fluid that is stretchy and clear, resembling the consistency and color of egg-whites, at or before ovulation
  • A spike in basal body temperature (BBT) after you ovulate
  • Certain physical symptoms, like pelvic pain and backaches, that correlate with ovulation
  • Pink spotting when or after you ovulate
  • Positive ovulation tests (ovulation predictor kits, or OPK’s)

Tracking your fertility with Ovia every day is the best way to identify these signs of ovulation and fertility. The best time to have intercourse is the day before ovulation occurs. However, you should have sex on any day in your fertile window to improve your chances of conception. Read more about ovulation and predicting the fertile window.